Cloud Computing News

Cloud Computing Definition

Caution in the Cloud: 5 Concerns to Consider

Top Benefits With Cloud Computing

  1. Updates occur automatically
  2. Work anywhere in a web browser
  3. Additional functionality relatively easy to add
  4. Backup is automatic
  5. Administration can be done from anywhere
  6. Most support can also be done remotely
  7. Pricing can scale up/down

Top Problems With Cloud Computing

  1. Bandwidth
  2. Internet Service Provider Reliability
  3. Security
  4. Breadth of Choice
  5. Regulation Compliance such as HIPPA, 7216, etc.
  6. Integration
  7. Speed
  8. Historical Access to Data
  9. Recurring/Increasing Cost

Cloud Services

SaaS - Software as a service. These solutions were designed from the ground up to run accross the Internet instead of a local network.

Hosted - These products are the same as you would have installed on your local network and are now shared via the Internet.

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