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Project-driven companies need project-focused accounting. It's that simple. Ordinary accounting and business management software systems aren't set up to handle the unique project-based demands of your work.

Microsoft Dynamics SL, on the other hand, is designed to easily manage the complexities of a project-based business, helping you run more efficiently and giving you insight you can use to deliver accurate estimates—on time and on budget. That means better control, better profits, and more room to grow.

With Microsoft Dynamics SL, you have access to powerful project and financial management capabilities designed to meet the unique needs of project-driven organizations. Microsoft partners have built on this platform to create solutions that can help you meet requirements that are industry specific; here are just a few examples:

•          Construction: Get the solution you need for improved sales, project management, job costing, materials management, and more—all integrated with your financial systems.

•          Government contracting: Complete projects on time, on budget, and to specification—while collecting and retaining the detailed information needed to comply with government regulations.

•          Professional services: Drive better decision making, manage people and finances, and maintain profitability for client services and projects.

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Our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is easy to use and easy to deploy. So you can quickly, simply, and finally get beyond your overworked and undersized accounting software.

  • People get it. Microsoft Dynamics SL looks and works like Microsoft Office. That means everyone can jump right in and get to work.
  • It works the way you do. Microsoft Dynamics SL is role-tailored to give your people relevant insights for their day-to-day work, and, with the right information at their fingertips, they can not only solve today’s problems, but also they can plan for tomorrow.
  • It's on your terms. With Microsoft Dynamics SL, your team can work when and where it works best—at the office, at home, or on the road. Hosted partner solutions and on-premises deployments give you the flexibility to choose what’s best for your business.

Brief Product Description and Pricing

Microsoft Dynamics SL delivers integrated project management and accounting capabilities that provide increased control and insight.

Get a better handle on the numbers. Help contain costs, control compliance, and maintain crystal-clear visibility into your assets and cash flow.

Deliver on time and on budget. Drive better decision-making, manage people and finances, and help maintain profitability for client services and projects.

Base decisions on intelligence, not on emergencies. Get relevant data and recommendations today regarding the best course of action for tomorrow.


Integration with Accounting and Ease of Setup

Simple. So you can get down to business. You can implement Microsoft Dynamics SL in your business without interrupting your business. It's a flexible solution supported by a network of local reselling partners—people with the expertise and answers to help you deploy in days, not weeks.

Microsoft Dynamics partners:

  • Know what Microsoft Dynamics SL can do for your business.
  • Understand your local requirements and regulations.
  • Use industry know-how to tailor solutions to your specific situation.
  • Offer in-the-cloud or on-premises deployment—on your terms.

Selecting an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is a big decision for any company. That's why we've created licensing and deployment options that give you the flexibility to fit your organization's needs.

Microsoft Dynamics SL lets you start with what you need today and add to it later—whether it’s partner hosted, or on your servers. The best part? You can purchase it up front or make affordable monthly payments.

Get the most from your Microsoft Dynamics SL solution by making sure it's always supported and up-to-date. Select from a variety of service plan options, including:

  • Access to new product releases.
  • Tax and regulatory updates.
  • Online or assisted support.
  • Training.

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