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Best Fit

  • Nonprofits with a bookkeeper who may have limited accounting experience
  • Bookkeepers who audit nonprofits or churches


  • It costs nothing to install and is easy-to-use; you can try it for free.
  • Enter data in a check register that is just like your checkbook. Get data out with a simple, customizable report section.
  • There are multiple logins with varying permissions to distribute your accounting work.
  • It possesses internal control features like the ability to add an auditor as well as an activity log.
  • Customizable contact database to track vendors and donors
  • Free customer support including set-up assistance, data import and ongoing training
  • Aplos offers optional apps so you only pay for the functionality you use and you can enable more as your organization grows. Optional apps include: Contributions Management, Budgeting, Check Printing, and Bank Reconciliation. See our full list of features here: http://www.aplossoftware.com/nonprofit-accounting-software


Brief Product Description and Pricing

Aplos Accounting starts with a dashboard that provides a quick snapshot of an organization’s finances, recent activity and tips for next steps. 

After setting up a chart of accounts, customers can easily navigate to the most common tasks of entering transactions in the Check Register, customizing information about their vendors and donors in Contacts and generating customizable reports.

This fund accounting software begins at only $11.99/month for a single user or only $22.95 for the full suite for a single user. Everyone can try Aplos free for 15 days. Nonprofits or churches founded in the past year can also contact Aplos for extended free trial offers.

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Aplos Accounting 3.0 Dashboard

Technical Specifications

Aplos Software is a cloud-based Internet solution. It doesn’t matter if you are using a PC or a MAC as long as you have an Internet connection.

Company History and Contact Information

An Aplos founder searched extensively and unsuccessfully for simple accounting software for his own nonprofit. Most accounting software did far more than he needed and was not designed specifically for nonprofits which require fund accounting. In 2009, Aplos Software was founded to create easy-to-use fund accounting software.

The name Aplos comes from the Greek word for simple. When the first desktop version was released, initial customer response was excellent. Customers enjoyed the simplicity and finally had the software solution their nonprofit needed. Based on customer feedback, Aplos began development of a web-based solution with a multiple user option. The web-based version of Aplos was released during the 1st quarter of 2011.

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