Category: Accounting and Human Resources for mid-sized businesses


Best Fit

  • Companies needing extensive Human Resource Management, Payroll Services, Professional Services
  • In House Payroll/HR, Healthcare, Government, Restaurant, Entertainment


  • Sophisticated multi-user payroll system supporting unlimited number of employees
  • Unlimited earnings, deductions, and tax types
  • Multi-State Payroll system with integrated electronic direct deposit and electronic filing of all major state and federal tax forms
  • Fully integrated HR system featuring powerful Benefits Management system that automatically updates Payroll deduction amounts and provides management level benefit cost reporting
  • Powerful Position Management system and Applicant Tracking system
  • Strong employee credential/license tracking system and web-based Employee Self Service System
  • Integrated Alerts and Payroll Financial Reporting System; very aggressively priced relative to other HR/PR market leaders


Brief Product Description and Pricing

CYMA Human Resources Management Software (HRMS) provides an extremely cost effective solution for the Payroll and Human Resource software needs of mid-sized organizations. 

It also makes an outstanding Payroll Services platform and, when coupled with CYMA’s robust accounting, offers the accounting practitioner a great vehicle for accounting and payroll services. CYMA Payroll Software allows processing payroll in-house or as a bureau, printing payroll checks, running instant payroll reports, calculating employee earnings, deductions, 401k, cafeteria plans, and more. Other features provide flexibility unheard of in most payroll software solutions.

The CYMA web portal has benefits for both the employee and the company. It is fully integrated with the CYMA Payroll module. The web portal was designed to give employees access to their payroll data. This reduces the time that the company spends in getting the information to the employee. With the web portal, the company no longer needs to distribute deposit advices if the employee has their check deposited directly to their bank account. In addition, W-2s can be provided electronically. This eliminates the need for a company to print and mail W-2s at the end of the year.

  • Employee Benefits
  • Access to Check information
  • Access to W-2s
  • Access to personal demographic information
  • Time-Entry
  • Company Benefits
  • No longer have to distribute Deposit Advices
  • No longer have to print or reprint W-2s
  • Follows HIPAA recommendations for access to the data

CYMA Payroll Software includes features like EFT Direct Deposit, workers compensation categories, multi-state payroll, and a wide variety of tax and earnings reports. CYMA Payroll Software, when integrated with the General Ledger, gives the ability to post all payroll and employer taxes to the appropriate accounts. CYMA Payroll Software will automatically generate tax liability invoices in Accounts Payable.

CYMA HRMS is a collection of CYMA products that comprise a powerful Human Resources Management System for growing, mid-sized organizations. HRexPRess may be used with any back-end accounting system or may be integrated with CYMA’s Financial Management System or Not-for-Profit Edition accounting systems for a completely integrated solution. CYMA FMS provides accounting functionality powerful enough for the most demanding organizations with multi-user capability, unlimited companies, vendors, accounts, employees, and a wide array of modules including Payroll and Human Resources. CYMA FMS accounting software is designed to expand as companies grow.

Technical Specifications

This application may be installed and run as a single use workstation install on a standard Windows-based PC, IE 7 or higher, Windows 7 or higher; at least 500MB of free disk space is necessary.

This application may also be installed with the Pervasive Database and related programs implemented on a Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4 Server or higher with Java Runtime Environment of at least 4GB of disks.

Integration with Accounting and Ease of Setup

Product can be installed stand-alone or in a network by an end user. Pervasive SQL Database is required, and licensing is available directly from CYMA.

System requirements

Company History and Contact Information

Based in Tempe, Arizona, CYMA offers a broad range of accounting software for small to mid-sized businesses, CPAs, and nonprofit organizations. CYMA has installed accounting software in thousands of businesses throughout the United States. More information about the company is available at