• Category: Secure File and Message Transfer / Electronic Signature / Client Portal
  • Class: Small Business to Enterprise
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Best Fit

Professional service firms and financial firms where privacy and security are priorities


  • Serves as a secure replacement for non-secure e-mail and file sharing services
  • Offers innovative courier-like features to increase productivity
  • Optional integrated e-signature tool enables a highly secure and efficient document workflow
  • All subscriptions include unlimited free guest accounts for ongoing exchange of confidential messages and files with others
  • Every action taken on an e-Package (a secure container of a message with or without files attached) is tracked and recorded in its own immutable/unchangeable audit log and delivery status tracking dashboard
  • No backdoors – Only the sender and recipient can unlock encrypted data stored on e-Courier’s servers, and even e-Courier’s personnel cannot access your sensitive information.
  • Product is a web portal (like a digital version of certified mail) for secure exchange of sensitive messages and files
  • Easy and quick implementation on any platform, with no software or updates to install
  • Portal can be customized to match a firm’s website/identity
  • It is a full two-way secure service that allows your clients to initiate secure communication at any time

Company Overview

e-Courier is a web-based service that provides a secure portal, replacing non-secure e-mail for confidential messages and file transfers up to 16 Gigabytes. The application is designed to be a very secure communication platform with no backdoor, and all file and message data is encrypted in transit and at rest. 


When an e-Package is created, all activity associated with it is tracked in an immutable permanent audit log, with the attached files securely destroyed (e-shredded) at its expiration date. Recipients can download, print, and respond to the message using the web interface on any device, and at no time is an app or other software on the local device required. Files as large as 16 GB each can be included with e-Packages, and a hash of each file attachment in the audit log can be used to validate the provenance of a file after the fact.

As mentioned above, a key feature of e-Courier is that it features no backdoor which can be used to snoop on your conversations. The platform was designed to provide the highest levels of security and message integrity to its users on its company owned and controlled servers housed in highly secure Canadian data centres. For additional security, data from the platform is never stored on third party cloud storage services like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or Amazon Web Services. The proprietary encryption key management paradigm used for every e-Package has been architected so that only the message sender and the authorized recipients can view its contents through the platform.

Subscribers use a web portal to assign a free guest user license to each user who needs to send and receive secure messages. Implementation is a breeze. To add guest users, subscribers create those accounts by entering the contact’s name, email address, phone number, and phone type (i.e., Work, Home, Mobile or Other). Subscribers can create unlimited guest accounts for contacts outside the organization. Guest account recipients are e-mailed with a personalized link to their own e-Courier account and must enter a password and the phone number entered by the firm user to validate their identity to login to e-Courier for the first time. Subscribers can also be assigned a secure deposit box where anyone outside the organization, with or without an e-Courier account, can upload messages and files to the subscriber. While licensed subscribers can securely communicate with anyone, guests can only send and receive messages with subscribers that have added them as a contact.

e-Packages are tracked and users can view a permanent audit log in real time which provides a proof of delivery for every time the message has been viewed or a file has been accessed, eliminating the possibility of repudiation. A proprietary Smart Search feature makes it fast and easy for users to find the information stored in their account. Since e-Courier is a closed system, where every message recipient must be invited to the platform, the likelihood of improperly addressed packages is very low. Should a sender discover that a message has been sent to the wrong person, the sender can recall the message and securely shred it before or after it is delivered.

System requirements

Technical Specifications

  • e-Courier was designed to provide a highly secure messaging service which protects all data – both data at rest and data in transit — without a backdoor using a proprietary encryption key management system with robust encryption–that utilizes the FIPS 140-2 complaint OpenSSL cryptography libraries.
  • Data is only stored on dedicated servers that are owned and operated by e-Courier that are housed in Canadian data centres, and at no time is any data stored on public services like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud.
  • File and message data is never stored on our servers’ disks unencrypted.
  • For higher security every e-Package is encrypted with its own unique encryption key.
  • Each action taken by recipients on a message (e-Package) is recorded and stored in a persistent audit log, which provides proof of delivery and prevents any party from repudiating an action taken with a message.

Representative Client List

  • CPA Canada
  • CPA British Columbia
  • CPA Atlantic Canada
  • University of the West Indies
  • The AC Group of Independent Accounting Firms Limited
  • RGF Integrated Wealth Management
  • TPC Financial
  • Loewen & Kruse CPA’s
  • Blanchard & Associates LLP
  • Macdonald, Shymko & Company Ltd

Company History and Contact Information

e-Courier was founded in 2004. The team behind the development and design of e-Courier are highly experienced, skilled, and award-winning computer engineers who previously worked at the world class companies including MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates (an aerospace company) and Motorola (telecommunications). The Chief Scientist at e-Courier graduated from MIT in Electrical Engineering and with a master’s degree in computer science from UBC and has authored/co-authored 11 USPTO patents.

e-Courier is wholly owned and operated by the Canadian company, Soft Trust Inc.


e-Courier is a product of Soft Trust Inc.
Soft Trust, Inc. Headquarters
5729 West Boulevard
Vancouver, BC V6M 3W8

Toll Free: (866) 610-4631
Vancouver Office: (604) 261-4631
Toronto Office: (289) 724-2423

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