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Category: Small to mid-sized made-to-order or contract job shop solution

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Best Fit

Medium SMB to Enterprise Made-to-Order and Contract Job Shop looking to automate workflow processes and backoffice accounting


  • Flexible scheduling helps you determine promise dates quickly and painlessly, giving you the ability to make commitments on which your customers can rely.
  • Automated manual processes compress lead times and expedite cash flow, driving efficiencies directly to the bottom line.
  • Waste is eliminated with lean processes and fully utilized resources, whether machines or people.
  • This product uses the CRM tools you need to keep customers loyal and competition at bay.


Brief Product Description and Pricing

The JobBOSS Starter Edition starts at $995 and is the easiest way to quote jobs, track labor and material, and control shipping, invoicing, and job-costing processes. 

The Starter Edition is designed to be simple enough to order on-line and to install with minimal technical support. If more help is needed, JobBoss offers a 12-month customer service plan. This entry level edition may be installed on a single workstation.

JobBOSS Professional Edition allows you to manage customer changes on the fly with integrated quoting, order tracking, scheduling, and accounting capabilities. Now when a customer is on the phone demanding to know if you can still deliver his order on time (even though he’s changed the quantity twice), ECI JobBOSS Professional Edition can give you the answer. This is a higher-level product that is intended to be multi-user server-based and requires SQL database for larger data files. Advanced Scheduling offers an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop scheduling board that does what-if scenarios, finite load leveling, and changing of resources/schedule hours on the fly. The ShopBOSS module helps you spot problems, so you can meet your delivery dates. See your entire shop at a glance to focus on key work centers and critical time frames and drill into the details of your schedule by job, work center, part number, or customer. 

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The JobBOSS Enterprise Edition is a highly sophisticated solution that takes job shop management to a completely new level. It starts with full data collection, advanced scheduling, material planning, and sophisticated quoting, mixing in more in-depth reporting and costing features and integrating everything with CRM, automated workflow, a wide range of advanced quality management offerings, and the ability to collaborate seamlessly with business partners. ECI JobBOSS Enterprise is available for implementation directly from ECI.


Technical Specifications

ECI JobBOSS is designed to run in a Client/Server environment. However, it may be implemented on-premise in a traditional setup, as a Private Cloud implementation, or as a Hosted Cloud solution depending on your needs.

JobBoss is designed to work best with Microsoft SQL and Windows Server 2003 or later. The application and services may be run in a Virtualized environment. Microsoft Windows 7 or later is recommended for workstations.

Integration with Accounting and Ease of Setup

ECI JobBoss is an advanced fully deployable accounting and financial management software solution. It should be installed by a trained and certified technician.

ECI Software partner Heartland Computers helps you take full advantage of your software investment with a wide range of data collection hardware including barcode equipment, mobile computers, label printers, and wireless networking from all major manufacturers.

System requirements

Company History and Contact Information

JobBOSS Shop Management Solutions, an ECi Software Solutions company, serves over 7,000 manufacturers with software and business support. JobBOSS was first developed in 1984 by a job shop manager that needed a better way to run his business. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota – 30 minutes from that original job shop – today’s JobBOSS team continues to innovate and support the industry’s most flexible manufacturing shop management software. JobBOSS is owned and operated in the United States, with customers in the U.S., Canada, and around the world.