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Best Fit

Exact Synergy is a unique solution for companies needing workflow, document management, project management, Customer Relationship Management, and features applicable to Human Resource Management in a single plug-and-play addition that integrates to a number of mid-market accounting solutions.


  • One solution to centrally manage all your information
  • Up-to-date information at your disposal at all times
  • Organized in a flexible way
  • Departments no longer working at cross-purposes
  • Better customer service thanks to integrated CRM solutions
  • HR department given more time for strategic HRM
  • Intelligent management reports generated quickly
  • Simplified and more transparent financial management


Brief Product Description and Pricing

Exact Synergy is a solution that covers project management, document management, and workflow management, among other areas. It supports your business processes and makes it easy to quickly retrieve any information you require. 

Exact Synergy simplifies credit management, debtor/creditor management, and the invoicing of revenues and expenses. Working with Exact Synergy is convenient for your own financial administration as well as that of your accounting staff. You can handle all invoices processing centrally.

With the Exact Synergy CRM solution, your Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support departments can work together in a more structured and client-friendly way. Customer details are kept in a central database instead of in different departments. You gain full insight into files, and your client’s details are always up-to-date.

The solution makes it easy to consult the details of a customer’s history and follow up leads; you can also see exactly at which stage a customer is in the sales cycle as well as coordinate campaigns more effectively. All departments can work together with the same, centrally stored information and communication.

The administration of your HR department involves all co-workers and departments. This makes HRM one of the most complex and sensitive tasks within your business. However, HR personnel tend to spend a lot of time copying details from different forms, emails, or spreadsheets. Exact Synergy streamlines, clarifies, and supports every aspect of HRM, from the moment a new employee starts work until the last working day. This frees up more time for strategic Human Resource Management in your company.

Technical Specifications

Both the client and server for Exact Synergy run on Windows operating systems. Installation is performed on-site. Different users can view and modify information in certain ways, depending on their access level and roles in the system.

Exact Synergy is designed to work best with Microsoft SQL and Windows Server 2003 or later. The application and services may be run in a Virtualized environment. Microsoft Windows 7 or later is recommended for workstations.

With the Exact Synergy app for Android or iOS, you have access to all your important data in Exact Synergy. You can search, call, or mail your customers. You can register your worked hours on location. Expense claims can be entered very easily: take a picture, add the amount, and choose the right customer or project. You can even use Exact Synergy for phone or tablet to create, view, or edit requests while traveling.

Integration with Accounting and Ease of Setup

Information is stored, linked, and maintained in a central data source so that everyone within your organization can work with the same information. This includes all financial, logistics, HRM, CRM, project, and production processes. Because the data is integrated, you always have access to the most up-to-date information. Moreover, Exact Globe’s analytical tools give you a real-time overview of your entire business.

System requirements

When you connect Exact Synergy Enterprise to Exact Globe, MAX, Macola, or JobBOSS, relevant information from one department becomes immediately available to other departments, connecting your front and back offices. Your customers, suppliers, partners, and employees can log in from any location using a secured Internet connection, and each stakeholder has access to business information based on pre-defined roles and rights.

Company History and Contact Information

Exact Software, headquartered in Delft, the Netherlands, since 1984 develops Exact Synergy. From the introduction of the PC through the constantly emerging technologies to handheld devices and perpetual connectivity in the cloud, Exact continues to be entrepreneurs serving entrepreneurs. Exact has been listed on the NYSE Euronext Amsterdam since June 1999. After a quarter of a century of being Exact, the entrepreneurial spirit still reflects those late nights in a garage. Today, Exact is a global solution provider serving approximately 100,000 customers.