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Best Fit

  • Fusion represents Oracle’s next-generation of enterprise applications.
  • Target is high-end companies requiring robust, customizable, and on-demand solutions


  • Powerful financial management recording and reporting tools
  • Multi-national, multi-language
  • Database capable of storing and managing trillions of data records


Brief Product Description and Pricing

Applications Unlimited is Oracle’s commitment to continue providing enhancements to current JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, JD Edwards World, Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, and Siebel product lines beyond the delivery of Oracle Fusion Applications.

At the same time, with Oracle’s extensive development resources, we are building Oracle Fusion Applications. These are being designed to unify best-of-business capabilities from all Oracle Applications in a complete suite delivered on Oracle’s open technology.

Only Oracle can offer you the scale of resources needed to extend the solutions you own today, while simultaneously evolving to the next generation of Oracle Fusion Applications. With Oracle’s unique Applications Unlimited and Lifetime Support policy – customers will not be forced to upgrade to Fusion Applications, but can decide when and if they choose to upgrade.

Technical Specifications

Internet Enabled true SOA design for on-demand access to critical applications from anywhere a data signal can be obtained.

Integration with Accounting and Ease of Setup

Applications Unlimited is Oracle’s plan to continue enhancing current applications product lines while simultaneously developing our next-generation Fusion Applications.

System requirements

Company History and Contact Information

Three decades ago, Larry Ellison saw an opportunity other companies missed when he came across a description of a working prototype for a relational database and discovered that no company had committed to commercializing the technology.

With the agility of a much smaller company, Oracle has proved throughout its history that it can build for the future on the foundation of years of innovation, intimate knowledge of its customers’ challenges and successes, and the best technical and business minds in the world. The company has shown both the ability to leverage its immense size and strength to serve its customers, as well as the capacity to make decisions that upend conventional wisdom and take its products and services in new directions.

After 30 years, Oracle remains a standard for database technology and applications in enterprises throughout the world. The company is one of the world’s leading supplier of software for information management, and the world’s second largest independent software company. Oracle technology can be found in nearly every industry, and in the data centers of 98 of the Fortune 100 companies.

Oracle is the first software company to develop and deploy 100 percent Internet-enabled enterprise software across its entire product line: database, business applications, and application development and decision support tools.

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