Enterprise Management System

Enterprise Management System

Website: http://www.lawson.com
Catagory: Enterprise Resource Planning

Best Fit

  • Fashion
  • Food and Beverage
  • Public Services - Governmental
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing


  • Ability to support a large user based
  • Highly customizable and support for several specialty industries

Brief Product Description and Pricing

  • Lawson delivers complete solutions for complex enterprise processes, with two product lines built and proven on the most advanced, open standard technologies:
    - M3 for customers who make, move and maintain products, and
    - S3 for customers in service industries who staff, source, and serve.
  • Lawson also provides cross-industry applications such as Financials, Human Capital Management, Business Intelligence, and Asset Management.
  • Lawson supports a named user pricing construct based on number of users, as well as modules and customization. Contact the company directly for pricing information.

Technical Specifications

  • Unix/Windows
  • Complex network infrastructure and multi-site communications required.

Integration with Accounting and Ease of Setup

  • Lawson product management, marketing, sales and services organizations include industry-specific teams with many years of experience. Dedicated teams are actively involved in their respective industries, keeping Lawson on top of industry trends and ensuring solutions are customer oriented.
  • Lawson requires a certified installer and team of professionals to assist with the product implementation.

Representative Client List (if available)

  • Kelowna Flightcraft user of Lawson M3 Financial Management solution
  • Chugach Alaska Corporation, user of S3 Enterprise Financial Management
  • Roche Diagnostics user of M3 CRM and Financial Management

Company History and Contact Information

  • Lawson provides software and service solutions to 4,000 customers in the manufacturing, distribution, maintenance and service sector industries across 40 countries.
  • Corporate Headquarters
    Minneapolis/St. Paul
    380 St. Peter Street
    St. Paul, MN 55102
    Tel: 651-767-7000

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