Category: General Accounting – Class: Small to Medium Business

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Best Fit

  • Mid-Range Business – solid general accounting supporting between 5 and 75 active users
  • Construction, Distribution, Made-to-order, Job Shop Manufacturing
  • Professional Services


  • Outstanding price-to-performance ratio in its market category
  • Scalability
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Office and BackOffice products
  • Internet integration and e-Commerce capability
  • Tight integration with Microsoft Office for financial reporting and custom reports


Brief Product Description and Pricing

Traverse from Open Systems, Inc. is a fully Microsoft-compliant multi-user .NET solution, positioned in the SMB to SME market. Traverse’s Excel analysis and reporting provides real-time PivotTable to database reports as well as OLAP capabilities. 

Traverse provides a seamless interface to Microsoft Office products as well as Internet connectivity and multilingual/multicurrency capabilities. From core accounting to handheld devices, Traverse offers a wide variety of complete modules. With over 40 software applications, you get the specific functionality you need while enjoying integration and interoperability across all departments.

Open Systems, Inc. has been active in automated accounting for decades and, as such, enjoys a reputation for mature and highly robust computing options. Because of its design, Traverse offers a great deal of flexibility to the user, such as the ability to add, delete, and move custom fields within the software, adjust screen layout to user specifications, and to tailor and speed the data entry and form completion process.

Traverse Advanced Information Analyst is a multidimensional reporting tool that helps you understand increasingly complex problems. It uses the latest online analytical processing (OLAP) technology to produce reports and graphs that afford a new level of insight. Because good accounting solutions should help you understand your business beyond simply reporting it, The Traverse Advanced Financial Analyst provides real-time Business Intelligence reporting.

As a Mid-Range to Enterprise level solution, Traverse starts at around $1400 for a single user license and scales to 100 users for just over $100,000, not including installation and training, based on the number of users and application. Traverse is an advanced accounting application requiring implementation by a trained and certified installer.

Technical Specifications

Windows 7 or higher Workstations
Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Server 2003 or higher
Microsoft Office recommended due to deep and seamless integration

Integration with Accounting and Ease of Setup

TRAVERSE has a number of “ease of use” features, such as the ability to access the Comments function from the maintenance and transactions toolbars and to link to online mapping services such as MapQuest, ExpediaMaps, etc. directly from within TRAVERSE.

System requirements

A user-maintenance function has been added for an F2 Lookup to provide more flexibility in configuring the available fields. The TRAVERSE System Manager provides authorized users the ability to globally change IDs for Items, Locations, Vendors, Customers, Sales Reps, Banks, Employees, Departments, and GL accounts.

Company History and Contact Information

Open Systems has long been a major player in the accounting software market and continues to hold its position while growing in popularity worldwide. Open Systems markets its products in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia, as well as South, Central, and Latin America. TRAVERSE, which first became popular as one of the few accounting solutions which performed very well on Microsoft BackOffice Small Business SQL Server, performs equally well on Microsoft’s Advanced SQL Server. You can reach OSAS at or contact headquarters at the address below.

OPEN Systems Inc.
4301 Dean Lakes Blvd.
Shakopee, MN 55379

Tel: 800-328-2276 (US and Canada)