CYMA – Not-For-Profit Edition

Category: Mid-sized Accounting for Not-for-Profit Organizations

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Best Fit

Small to mid-sized Not-for-Profit Organizations such as charities, churches, assisted living, hospice, government


  • Ability to track funds and grants
  • FASB 117 reporting
  • Automatic offset and fund maintenance and balancing and account types
  • Customized to non-profit accounting classifications
  • CYMA Not-For-Profit software can use any CYMA module (Job Costing, Payroll, Inventory Control, etc.) making the software flexible for any nonprofit organization


Brief Product Description and Pricing

CYMA Not-For-Profit Accounting Software offers sophisticated accounting with features and flexibility that should fit most mid-sized Not-for-Profit organizations.

CYMA’s accounting software solution is for organizations such as charities, social services, churches, foundations, and others that need Not-for-Profit accounting

Functionality of CYMA Not-for-Profit

  • Robust General Ledger with automatic fund balancing, grant tracking, and complete FASB117 reporting
  • Sophisticated Payroll and employee self-service to handle the most demanding and unique payroll needs including those of hospice and independent living centers
  • Human Resources aimed at employee cost management tracking benefits, positions, applicants, credentials, licensing, and more
  • Powerful Accounts Payable and Purchase Order module helping manage and control expenses and enter invoices
  • Extensive import and export features allowing the flexibility to link the CYMA accounting system to fundraising and POS systems
  • A system that is deployable as a server-based system or as a hosted, Internet-based environment
  • Training & Implementation at a fraction of other high-end NFP accounting systems
  • Advanced Budgeting for Non-Profit organizations and corporate users requiring extensive budget control capability, including:
    • The ability to approve and lock budgets
    • Transaction-based Budget changes, including a full audit trail of changes made to budgets
    • Real-time budget checking for Purchase Order and AP Invoice Entry
    • Ability to roll over unused budget amounts to new year

Technical Specifications

This application may be installed and run as a single-use workstation on a standard Windows based PC, IE 7 or higher, Windows 7 or higher. At least 500MB of free disk space is necessary.

This application may also be installed with the Pervasive Database and related programs implemented on a Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4 Server or higher with Java Runtime Environment of at least 4GB of disks.

Integration with Accounting and Ease of Setup

The product can be installed as a stand-alone or in a network by an end user. Pervasive SQL Database is required, and licensing is available via a CYMA account representative.

System requirements

Company History and Contact Information

For over 30 years, CYMA Systems, Inc. has been a recognized industry leader in the development of accounting software. Based in Tempe, Arizona, CYMA offers diverse accounting, payroll and HR software for small to mid-sized businesses, CPAs, and nonprofit organizations. CYMA has installed accounting software in thousands of businesses throughout the United States. More information about the company is available at