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Accounting Software World is sponsored by K2 Enterprises and is intended to augment our continuing professional education (CPE) seminars with an independent review of best of breed accounting, financial management and Enterprises Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. Please contact us if you have questions or need help with accounting or financial management solutions.


If you are planning on replacing your accounting software solution, please check out our selection steps on the Resources tab above. Below are a few of the solutions we have recently reviewed. You will find many others by clicking on the Product Reviews Tab above. We will respond to any request directly if you simply click on the links below our names.


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Picking the Right Solution For You

To help you in your search for the right solution, we have divided the market into segments as follows. Please click on Industry Solutions to the right to see if we have included products that fit your specific industry better. If not, of if you have a fantastic solution we have not included here, please let us know.

Accounting Software Pyramid 2020 K2

Entry Level Accounting Software

Entry level solutions are for a small business of·1-5 active users with a need for true financial accountability and reporting. Reviews

QuickBooks (PDF) 
Sage 50 - US Edition
Sage 50 - US Edition (PDF)
Xero (PDF) 
 FAN Badge-freshbooks
FreshBooks (PDF)



     Wave Accounting
Wave Accounting (PDF)

Small to Medium Business (SMB) Accounting Software

The SMB market·typically serves businesses with 5-25 active users, while the Mid-Market can serve from 25-100 active users. High Mid-Market candidates have more demanding transaction and reporting needs and therefore scale very well. These solutions typically support more functionality and a broader range of reporting. The underlying database is more robust, and therefore, SMB products are more scalable and able to take the business to its next level. Where only a few years ago the SMB and Mid-Market had very different competitors, over past few years SMB vendors have enhanced their database capabilities and added features and functions that were only found in much larger applications before. Today, you can feel comfortable selecting a product as a small business that will scale with you easily as you grow. Go to independent reviews.


 Acumatica Logo


Gravity Software Logo

Gravity Sofware (PDF)

Traverse, and Traverse Not-For-Profit
Traverse (PDF)
Traverse NFP (PDF)


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials

QuickBooks Enterprise(PDF)
  eci software solutions
SAP ByDesign (PDF)
ECi Macola
ECi - Macola
Sage 50 - US Edition
Sage 50 - US Edition (PDF)
Sage 100 ERP (PDF)
Sage 100cloud

Exact Synergy (PDF)




Enterprise Accounting Software

Enterprise solutions typically target large organizations of 100 users or more. The feature set and functionality of these systems is advanced and very robust, so specialized businesses of as few as five users, such a process based manufacturing or large scale project management, could benefit from these applications. We do not cover the highest end Fortune 1000 company solutions here because there are few options. Go to independent reviews.

Today there are perhaps three primary contenders, SAP, Oracle and Lawson (infor), at the very high-end Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) level. However, other products such as Sage ERP X3 and Microsoft Axapta are strong contenders at much lower total cost of ownership. Businesses that once believed they had limited choices are finding other options work very well at the high-end and that the choice of only selecting a high-end ERP solution is no longer true.

MIP Fund Accounting
Exact Globe
Exact Globe (PDF)
Sage ERP X3
Sage Business Cloud X3 (PDF)

Business Analytics - Business Intelligence & Reporting Software

Business Analytics and Reporting are extremely important in any business. Many software manufacturers offer specific products to accomplish this, as well as products that are independent of specific accounting applications. The list below represents a short list of the top solutions in this classification. Go to independent reviews.

biznet k2
BizInsight Overview (PDF)

BizTools Professional Analytics

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and contact management tools allow teams to track customer interaction, monitor employee activity, and generate routine correspondence to customers. Go to independent reviews. Go to independent reviews.

Results CRM
Results Software CRM (PDF)
Sage MIP Fund Accounting  msDynamics
 Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Specialty & Add-On Solutions

Specialty & Add-On Solutions is a collection of very special software reviews. Go to independent reviews. Go to independent reviews.


Avatax by Avalara (PDF)
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BQE Core

BQE Core